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The Chapmans continue to enlarge their fan base to include Americana, bluegrass and acoustic country genres. Albeit a young band, they have been touring professionally for almost two decades, while fans and peers alike have nominated and honored them with numerous awards for their songwriting, instrumental, vocal and entertaining talents. Having played thousands of shows, they’ve evolved into a band with a great artistic formula which reaches any size and aged audience, crossing several genres of music. 

While working vigorously to revolutionize their website, they have also been in the studio creating a new album. “It’s exciting to see just how much the band and sound have grown since the release of our last album, Simple Man,” states Jeremy. “It’s motivating to know our fans, radio, media, and the promoters are anxious for new material from the Chapmans. We look forward to releasing what we feel is the finest music we’ve produced yet in our career.” 

The Chapmans’ new look and music are just an intricate part of the overall evolvement they continue to do - not only individually, but as a band too. They are energized and excited to bring their new theme to a venue and media outlet near you. Come aboard and join them to celebrate this wonderful event – you won’t want to miss it nor will you regret it! 


Facebook:  @chaptv 

Twitter:   @TheChapmans