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Along with working with Steely Dan since 1999 Jon Herington has 5 solo recording including his new 2016 work Adult Entertainment.  Jon has also released a a book of 18 songs arranged for unaccompanied guitar titled Arrangements for Guitar.

Jon took some time elaborate on what drew him to Eastman:

"The first time I played an Eastman guitar was when I was subbing for Scott Kuney in the Broadway pit of Spamalot. He didn't want to leave his valuable L5 in the pit, and had bought an Eastman archtop to replace it there. I played it when it was brand-new, and right away it felt better and sounded better than the L5 to my ears. But the astonishing thing was that when I went back a couple of months later and played that same guitar, the difference in tone was incredible. In that short amount of time, with all the music happening in that space with eight shows a week, it had blossomed in an unbelievable way, and sounded huge. I was very impressed, obviously, and never forgot it. Years later, when I happened to be in touch with Eastman, I jumped at the chance to check out some of their instruments."