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Dylan is a profound young talent who showed up in the Eastman offices with his father, Danny one day. Together they play in Danny’s band, “CraicHaus”. Dylan amazed the staff at Eastman with his talent, he has the potential to be a top pro.

His story as told by his father…
“… One day on our way to guitar lessons, Dylan forgot to bring a song to learn, all I had in my car was a Chet Atkins CD. We popped it in and the first song up was Yakety Axe. Dylan said, “I want to learn that!!!”. My eyes bugged out and I said gently, as not to squelch his enthusiasm, ” Dylan, that’s CHET ATKINS, he’s the greatest guitarist that has ever lived, maybe you should pick something easier.” He said “No”.

"After that half hour lesson, Dylan came home playing the entire tune, note for note and blew us all away. His teacher was thrilled to be able to pass on this unique guitar style. Dylan soon joined the FINGERSTYLE GUITAR GUILD where he’s gotten to Jam with the likes of GARY LAMBERT (JOHNNY CASH) BOB SAXON (PASTY CLINE, GENE VINCENT) and other top notch players that are thrilled that a young man is wanting to carry on this old tradition and artform”.


YouTube: Dylan and Danny Oberbeck